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Why do I want to continue to serve New Castle?


New Castle deserves leaders who focus solely on

getting the work done and




Since I took office my sole priority has been to do the best

job possible for all New Castle residents, and I want to

continue that work for the balance of my term.  I am not

interested in outside interests or agendas.


Please vote for me on November 8 to continue the work

our Unite New Castle team has started –

making positive incremental changes to our Town,

while preserving what makes it so special.


Putting Neighbors First!

The Team that is working
for YOU!

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Vote for HILDENBRAND who is collaborative, dedicated and experienced!


New Castle is Thriving!

Elect Incumbent

to continue working for you.



Help Us Get Our Message Out.
Your support means so much!

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Please remember to vote for me,


Tuesday, November 8.

  • I was asked to join Unite New Castle as an alternative voice, and we promised to focus on preserving what makes New Castle special, while engaging with residents on incremental ways to improve it.

  • Residents voted to elect all four Unite New Castle candidates, sending a message to the prior Town Board to table the FBC.  Since entering office, we have seen exactly what we expected – a renaissance in our Town, as COVID restrictions lapsed and the influx of new families hungry for a sense of small-town community became fully engaged.  We have seen store-front vacancies drop significantly, new restaurants and other businesses open and thrive, more community-focused activities, and a renewed sense of what makes New Castle special take hold.

  • But the debate is far from over.  My opponent in this election ran last November as a full-throated supporter of the FBC.  And just this past spring I and my fellow Unite New Castle Town Board members resisted calls from many to go along with a top-down mandate from Albany to allow large scale so-called “transit-oriented development” and “accessory dwelling units” throughout Town.  We were told not to make waves, since our local state officials supported it, and it was inevitable in any case.  But our focus, MY focus, will always be on what is right for New Castle, not currying favor with outside politicians and political parties.

  • I love this Town.  I have made New Castle my home for over 24 and raised my family in this amazing community.  Let’s keep the progress we have made moving forward – Please remember to vote for me, Chris Hildenbrand on Tuesday, November 8.



"Chris has been an invaluable asset on the Town Board since he took office in January 2021. He is incredibly intelligent, and his astute analysis of all issues has been an immeasurable benefit to New Castle. Chris is a hard worker and truly puts the best interests of our Town, our residents and our merchants first." - Lisa Katz, New Castle Town Supervisor

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